Transformational Life Balance ProgramTransformational Life Balance Program
Chance interactions don’t just happen.  However we don’t know what those reasons may be.  But what we do know is that we have been guided towards each other for the purpose of allowing me to help you heal -- to reduce your anxiety, to accept your imperfections, and to find your real life success.
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Eating Disorders Support GroupEating Disorders Support Group
Join us on Wednesday nights at the Rock Church for the eating disorder and body image support with an awesome group of women and men (90% women).  Newcomers are always welcome. Hear from others that have recovered, are in recovery and are looking for support from others.  The group shares experiences, past experiences and tools towards recovery.
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Life GroupsLife Groups
The group sessions will focus specifically on eating disorder issues, identification of behaviors, learning about perceptions, and sharing tools to heal from past issues in order to move forward in life.  The group sessions will take place approximately 2 times a year in San Diego, CA.
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The Mirror by Alexys

There’s monster in my mirror Screaming, crying, sighing Trying to break free. There’s a monster in my mirror Eyes red as blood She is so pale like it’s never seen the sun. There’s a monster in my mirror, Stomach bulging, ribs protruding It’s all that I can see There’s a monster in my mirror And…

Mirror on the Wall

Mirror on the Wall It is much less painful to get sand in my eye than to get an eyeful of me in you who is made of sand Oh accursed mirror, you hang on the wall seeing only my all and all But you lie to me You keep any and all beauty hidden…

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