About Me

Brenda_ 020I have dedicated my life to transforming the lives of people just like you!

I have been completely recovered for the past 20 years from a 10 year battle with body image, eating disorders, and over exercising.  I went to therapists and read a lot of ‘self-help books.  But it wasn’t until I went through the coaching journey with a master coach that I transformed my life. I learned how to thoroughly grieve for my sister that died when I was 3 years old and she was 4 years old but I never grieved completely over the loss.  I was trapped and emotionally frozen in time.  Through transformational coaching, I learned how to truly ‘feel’, ask for what I wanted, and let go of the wall around my heart. I learned how to be compassionate, intuitive and fully focused on helping others achieve the success I did through coaching.

I have always had a heart for serving women and men that struggle with the self-talk in their heads, being overly critical of themselves, and suffer from low-esteem that is causing them to be ‘stuck’ in life.  I have taken the business skills that I have learned with the recovery tools and have become a life balance professional. The coaching sessions that I offer allow my clients to see on a bi-weekly basis that their lives transform over time and they experience life in better and more positive ways.

I also provide mentoring for junior level women at several organizations to help them grow professionally and personally through community involvement, strategic coaching and feedback. I am a national speaker at conferences on emerging technology issues, board membership and women’s issues.

I believe in being active and giving back to our community as part of my journey through life and mainly because it is a huge blessing to give back! I am on the executive board of directors for CBIZ Women’s Advantage. I am a ministry leader for the Rock Hospitality Team and a small group leader for the Rock Solid Women’s Group at the Rock Church.  I am also an active member of ISACA, CalCPA, and the Athena Female Executive Group. I have an MBA in Technology Management and a BS degree in Information Systems.

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